Bible Study

Since September 2008, the St. Christopher Bible Study has gathered every Tuesday at 7:00 PM in Unit "D" to absorb God's word and join in fellowship to share how it enhances our journey in faith. Bible study is not just valuable, it is invaluable. Small group study is so effective that Jesus used it to train the men who would be known as the Apostles.

As we encounter God’s Word together, we have an opportunity to share our different perspectives and insights and are broadened because of the interaction. More information is retained when there is active involvement, so biblical literacy is enhanced. Application and accountability bring understanding that moves God’s Word from the intellect to the heart. Transformation is encouraged, and our lives are changed. When our lives are changed, the lives of those around us are changed as well.

For more information please contact Bob and Mary Smith or call the Parish Office at 708-388-8190.