Coffee House

Coffee House was started forty years ago by Mary Jane Horton and Linda Weaver. They saw a need for a social gathering for their mentally challenged friends from the SPRED program. Four people attended the first meeting. But over time the group grew to twenty two members and they asked the Knights of Columbus for support.

Coffee House gave the members more independence, without any family members or a social worker required to be around. It also provided an opportunity for them to be with their friends who face similar challenges in life.

Coffee House has been run by volunteers. We usually serve some food to our guests and then they play a simple bingo game with ten cards. They like getting a quarter for a prize. They like getting money, because if they go out for fast food, they will have some additional money for a cup of coffee.

They are a great group. They love coming to those gatherings and appreciate everything that is done for them.

Coffee House usually meets on the 2nd Friday of each month in Unit-D from 5:30PM to 7:30PM from September to May.

Mary Beth McDermott & Dan Zimmerman and their family are now in charge of the Coffee House. We are grateful to them for this special ministry.