Our Luminaria candle kits have lined the sidewalks of our homes and businesses throughout the area for a few decades. The proceeds raised from Luminaria are used solely to provide the financial assistance to the St. Vincent DePaul Society Food Pantry of St. Christopher’s Catholic Church and the St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church Pantry. In past years, thousands of people from Midlothian, Posen and Crestwood were provided assistance with food, utility bills and other emergency needs.

Each kit consists of 7 candles, 7 bags and the sand used as the base for the candle to weigh the bag down and cost only $5. For orders of $25 or greater, we can deliver your order.

For those who want to support the Food Pantry, but do not wish to purchase candles, we usually have special envelopes available in the pews before Christmas to make a cash donation.

Remember, what we raise each year determines the assistance we can provide the following year. For additional information, please contact Marty Burke at 708-704-3125.