Music Ministry

Below you will find information regarding our various musical groups from our Music Ministry. We invite you to share your musical talents with our parishioners.

Children’s Choir(Grades 2 thru 8)
The Children’s Choir is open to all the children of the parish; St. Christopher School, the Religious Education Program or any school you attend. The Children’s Choir rehearses on Tuesday afternoon from 3:10 to 4:10 in the church and generally sings at select 9:30am Sunday Liturgies as well as special liturgies and events throughout the year.
Children’s Choir Christmas Concert Performance

Living Stones Choir (High School, College, Millennials)
Our Living Stones Choir is open to all young adults interested in choral singing and music ministry at mass. The group generally gathers 10-15 minutes before our 9:30am Sunday mass to prepare and celebrate the liturgy. The Living Stones also has planned rehearsals for special events, concerts and cantatas.
Living Stones Christmas Concert Performance

The St. Christopher Chorale (For all interested in singing)
The St. Christopher Choir is open to all people of the parish who are interested in offering their voice to our worship through varieties of choral works. We are always seeking members who are willing to share and/or develop their gift and spirit of music for the community. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm in the church.
Chorale & Orchestra Christmas Concert Performance

Special Events Choir Ensembles
This ministry is especially for those interested in being a part of our choir(s) with a seasonal or shorter term commitment for choral works, concerts and cantatas.
Clip from “We Were There” Cantata
All Choirs – Christmas Concert Performance

Cantors and Song Leaders
Our cantors and song leaders are developed through our choir ministries. Let us know if you have an interest of being a part of our cantors and song leader’s ministry. This ministry and proclaims the Psalm during the liturgy and adds with our congregation to join in prayerful song throughout the mass.

We are always seeking assistance with instrumentalists of any age, who proficiently plays a musical instrument such as woodwind, brass, strings or percussion. We involve instrumentalists with mass, special liturgies, special events and concerts.

Wedding/Funeral Planning

History of St. Christopher
Choir Music Liturgy had its beginning in the early days of 1923 with the help of Paul and Marie Schwaighart. When the Sisters of St. Francis arrived, Sr. Gerard took over the job. A pump organ was added on a small platform in the back of the church and Sister Salome organized our first adult mixed choir around 1941. Over the years we have been blessed with the talents, voices and instrumentation of many men, women, and children. Among our directors and accompanists have been the Sisters of St. Francis, Anita (Schwaighart) Pelletierre, Frank Pell, Bob Slusarski, Chuck Kurgan, Julie Kirn, Don Lee, Fr. George Sarauskas, Paul Lehnerer, Drew Rutz, Caroline (Matesko) Farmer, Sister Janice Roder, Sister Janice Haustein and Phil & Amy Switalski. Our choirs have sung to celebrate in the presence of Cardinals and Bishops, and at many ecumenical services at our area churches. The Music Ministry has presented annual Christmas Concerts, Lenten Cantatas for the parish, Children’s interactive cantata’s for the School and Religious Education programs and continues to minister at Sunday Liturgies throughout the year.