St. Christopher Athletics Program aspires to provide the children of St. Christopher School and St. Christopher Religious Education Program with a safe and empowering program that inspires every athlete to recognize their gifts and talents through good work ethic, sportsmanship, and fundamental fortitude; under the guidance of our Catholic values and traditions.

The St. Christopher School Athletics Program is dedicated to educating Athletes mentally, physically and spiritually. Athletics offer a chance to learn about success, leadership, cooperation, and communication with fellow athletes. The program offers the Athletes an opportunity to enjoy both the excitement of sports and the relaxation that it brings to the body and mind. The Athletics Program also believes that participation in athletics can contribute positively to the development of Athletes and views all athletic activities on playing fields and courts as an extension of the classroom.

The Athletics Program aspires to gain maximum participation in its sports programs. Winning will be emphasized at the appropriate age levels. More important than winning, however, is using the sports experience to help our Athletes learn valuable life lessons and develop positive character traits that will help them be successful in their lives.

For current information please contact us at or leave a message at the school 708-385-8776.

Current Board Members:

  • Tony Manrique
  • Jennifer Brouch
  • Paul Brouch
  • Mike Strelczyk
  • Scott Westberg
  • Stephanie Nesby
  • Mary Person
  • Mike Ryan
  • Bob Ahern