Hispanics in Action for Community Evangelization (H.A.C.E)

The St. Christopher Parish Hispanic Alliance for Community Evangelization is an organization that promotes faith, family, friends, and fun. We have given our group the acronym of H.A.C.E. which is a Spanish word meaning “To do” or “To make.” We consist of Hispanic and non-Hispanic individuals. We host three main events throughout the year to bring our community together. Everyone is welcome to attend.

In September, after each Mass on one Sunday, we host a Hospitality Breakfast to commemorate Mexican Independence Day. It provides an opportunity for families to come together after Mass for fellowship with our church community and to experience an authentic Mexican breakfast.

In December, we lead a nine-day novena prior to the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The novena is said in English on some days; but on most, it is said in Spanish, including our special “children’s night” when children lead the novena. After the novenas, we have a hospitality gathering in which coffee and desserts are shared as people have an opportunity to socialize with one another. Then on the morning of the Feast day, we celebrate with Las Mañanitas, which is music and dancing, prior to our special Spanish Mass, followed by a complimentary Hispanic breakfast.

In May, we host a “Cinco de Mayo” Celebration. Many musicians and Ballet Forklórico dancers from throughout the Chicagoland area volunteer their talented services to perform at our event. Children have a great time with the complimentary piñatas and other games offered. There is a DJ who provides enjoyable music for dancing. Authentic Mexican food and raffle tickets for a variety of raffle items can be purchased. It is a very festive event where people come from many surrounding areas to attend.

Since December 2013, the HACE group has enjoyed serving the community by providing experiences to live out our faith and bring together family and friends. If you would like to join us to organize or participate in future events, please periodically refer to the church bulletin for meeting dates and times.